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Keep costs down and know where your traveling employees are with the Airbnb for Work dashboard.

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Manage employee trips — all in one place


Set up your travel program in minutes

When you sign your company up for Airbnb for Work, you'll get a free business travel management tool that lets you:

  • check iconInvite your employees with a unique company link
  • check iconAdd shared payment methods to simplify expensing
  • check iconTrack spending on all employee work trips

Book and manage trips for others

Start booking employee trips from the dashboard. After you book, you can review itineraries, download trip details, and resolve any pending issues.

Keep safety top of mind

Contact traveling employees right from the dashboard and integrate with duty of care partners to keep your employees safe worldwide.

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Travel management that helps you save time & money

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Spending reports

Export travel data from the dashboard to measure your expense and savings.

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Centralized billing

Eliminate expense reports by adding a shared credit card for your business travelers.

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Payment groups

Organize travelers by departments or teams with distinct payment methods to streamline spending.

Easy setup, instant benefits

Learn what the team at Gusto loves most about the Airbnb for Work dashboard.

Make travel easy with Airbnb for Work

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